The relocation of an office operation typically requires a Project Manager’s involvement with the planning for furniture, phone systems and related cabling, I.T. infrastructure, servers and PC disconnects and reconnects. Understanding the day-to-day operations and individual department functions become key to knowing how best to plan for an office shut down, move and re-opening.


The relocation of an industrial facility often requires the coordination of not only an industrial moving crew but rigging outfits, racking installers, electro mechanical vendors plus all of the components of an office relocation. Relocating a manufacturing facility has its own unique challenges; some of which include the disconnection and reconnection of water, compressed air and gas lines.


Universities, Government Agencies, Local Schools and other public run entities face different challenges than private businesses when evaluating a relocation project. Managing a budget paid for with tax dollars, takes special handling.


Research & Development operations often share the same intricacies and functions as Medical offices. Many of these operations have Hazardous Materials, Clean Rooms and Confidential Records. Each of which require special handling and customized move solutions. Moving Laboratories requires the cooperation of not only a skilled moving contractor, in almost all cases, technicians for individual devices must perform disconnects, reconnects and diagnostics to ensure the lab equipment performs exactly as it did prior to the relocation. Coordinating these different disciplines is what makes the move of a Clinical, Research or Laboratory unique.



Many of our clients have asked us to look at projects that fall out of the normal realm of an office or industrial relocation project. This category covers all projects that require logistical thought processes combined with out of the box solutions.