Why hire a professional?

Photo_WhyHireIndependent project management firms such as Relocation Strategies® have the experience and expertise to plan and execute the most efficient and cost effective commercial relocations possible. We understand and work with the sequencing of projects on a daily basis and understand where time and money can be saved. We are familiar with the various vendor services needing involvement and know how to best purchase those services. We are well suited for in-field crisis management and multi-discipline vendor management.

In short, a well-qualified and independent relocation project manager can plan and execute most projects quicker, more cost-effectively and with fewer surprises then a client trying to piece things together on their own.

Relocation Strategies® project management staff offers a depth of resources with over 20 years’ experience in managing a diverse array of projects. We offer a non-biased approach to managing your project. We are not a direct supplier of any of moving services, office furniture or other related services in which we govern. So when we provide recommendations, it is based on the projects’ and our clients’ best interest. Project success, client satisfaction and professionalism of delivery are our ultimate goals. Since our inception, we have managed the moves over 25,000,000 sq. ft. of commercial space involving more than 35,000 employees. We ARE the experts in our field!